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Georgian Bay in May

Written by Jesse Wilkinson

Now that the weekend is over, I thought I would highlight a few things about one of my favourite times of the year: is it Spring? My birthday? Mother’s Day? you ask. Actually, It’s all three in one fantastic Rrave (not the kind my friend, Dwayne, used to love)

It’s a Rrave about the area I live in, so it’s also a bit of a travel blog for Ontario. I’ll just be using my birthday and Mother’s Day as a backdrop to some of the cool shit this area has to offer. This is just a tiny fraction, but it helps give you an idea of Grey/Bruce/Simcoe counties.

For all who know me, most know that my birthday falls very close to, if not right on, Mother’s Day. This could appear to be problematic. Not so. There’s no better holiday to share my birthday with. It could be much worse (Christmas, I’m looking at you). It’s also pretty awesome to have a birthday in May, when the weather is getting warm and Spring is in full bloom. I have no complaints – I am actually starting to love getting older.

So I want to share with you some things I did this weekend in hopes to inspire or remind you (if you live in Grey/Bruce/Simcoe) how amazing it is to live in and around Georgian Bay. It is also a reason for those who don’t live here to come visit!!

My weekend began in Collingwood, where I’ve been living this winter and enjoying views like this from the top of Blue Mountain:


After this past winter, I’ve often returned home looking like I’ve got an iceberg attached to my face.  And while I don’t mind having a semi-frostbitten face and ice-covered beard, I have been waiting for spring to arrive with some anticipation. So, my birthday fell on the warmest weekend to date in 2014, and I thought I’d enjoy it by getting out around the area.

First of all, I thought I would pull the birthday card early on Friday let my girlfriend take me out for dinner (how nice of me, I know), and so we headed to the Village at Blue Mountain. I was surprised by how busy it still was in the off-season – maybe everyone was there for the same reason we were: a $24 steak and seafood menu at Copper Blues! I highly recommend getting there before the promotion ends on May 16. (you’ve only got 4 days, so hurry). Where else are you going to get a striploin and lobster tail for that $24! It was an excellent dining experience and the Village was bustling with Friday night activity!

On Saturday we planned to spend the day at the Scenic Caves, since neither of us had been (shameful, I know), but when we arrived in our hiking gear ready to spelunk, we were told there was still too much snow and ice to let people in. Now this was a bummer (man), but herein lies the whole point of my Rrave – we had to choose what to do instead and it was really effing difficult!! There is so much to do in Grey/Bruce/Simcoe on sunny, spring day in May! We started driving west down the 40 and stopped in at the Dam Pub in Thornbury to decide. After seeing their impressive menu with over 700 whiskies, I was tempted to forget about outdoor activites and just stay for there for the day!

We tossed around a number of possibilities and eventually decided on paddle boarding, but that wasn’t the most difficult decision – we had to decide WHERE to launch from. Off the top of my head, I could think of 2o great spots. We are so f—-ing lucky to live on the Great Lakes , it’s really unbelievable! We needed to pick up boards in Owen Sound, so we launched out of Kelso Beach since we knew the water would be cold and needed a shallow spot that also had sand and river access.


After a great dinner with the fam-jam and the best peanut butter, chocolate cheesecake I’ll ever have, it was time for a Fred Eaglesmith concert at the Purple Valley Community Centre. If you don’t know Fred Eaglesmith or the PVCC, I highly recommend both! The Community Centre in Purple Valley is very unique and rustic – what a great venue for a live show. I couldn’t help feeling I was in the hull of a boat that had been flipped upside down! Eaglesmith is an entertainer, through and through, and his band is solid! Their touring schedule would make Robbie Robertson shake his head in disbelief! Here’s a link to his tour this summer: He’ll be playing in Kincardine and Wiarton so go see him if you can!


When Sunday rolled around, we had separate Mother’s Day activities to attend (since we come from different mothers after all). She had been trying to decide where to take her mom for lunch and in her choosing, it reminded me of just how many beautiful eateries there are around Grey/Bruce/Simcoe. She was trying to decide between Walter’s Falls and Sauble Beach. It’s a pretty nice dilemma to have!

I won’t continue on with everything that we did for Mother’s Day – I think all mom’s were pretty happy with the weather and judging by the amount of people I saw outside on Sunday, most people took advantage of the sunshine. I guess Mother Nature decided to give all the mothers a gift that no one else could touch.

So my favourite time of the year has now passed. My birthday is over, Mother’s Day has passed (althought it should really be every day), but the warm weather is here to stay for awhile. I have lived in other places in Ontario and even the world, but my move back to Georgian Bay has made me a believer that there is no better place to be when the summer comes.

Get out and enjoy Grey/Bruce/Simcoe, and if you don’t live here……get your ass over for a visit!!


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