Rrampt is a culture website for Georgian Bay.  It stands for rants, raves, art, music, photos, and travel.

We cover all that is good, bad, cool, and funny in Grey/Bruce/Simcoe, and publish articles on music, culture, politics, and art. We also promote emerging artists in Ontario in our Rrampt Creative section and have built our own Rrampt Dictionary and photo gallery.

Rrampt grew out of the need to rrant and rrave about what is happening in the world and then we grew into much more. We will always try to make you think, or at least make you laugh. There are smart, savvy websites that will inform you about daily newsworthy items in boring fashion, and there are mindless distractions on the web that will offer you no substance, and then there’s Rrampt, right there in the middle, where we belong. We’ll bring you new music, comments on culture, thought pieces on current events, interviews with cool people, and just a whole bunch of fun stuff that’ll make you want to get Rrampt and stay awesome.

We are an Ontario-based site with a focus on the area of Grey/Bruce/South Georgian Bay, although some of our staff members live in Toronto and San Francisco.

Rrampt is:

Jesse Wilkinson


Zak Erb
(freelance writer/photographer)

Skye Wilkinson
(Skye Shots)

Jesse Ward
(everything complicated)


Want to contribute?

Do you have a piece you want to post to Rrampt or have an idea for a weekly segment?  Rrampt is always open to new contributors or one-time contributions.

You can contact us at the following email:   Rrampt@gmail.com






  • I once new a guy named Wilco… loved those conversations about big and little world stuff 😉 Love what you guys are doing here. I will be bookmarking this, and referring to it often. Big Lebowski!! One of my favz!!

    • Hey thanks Weiler! Great to hear from you and that you’re digging the site! Hope to catch up soon man and have some of those big and little world stuff conversations!

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