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Written by Jesse Wilkinson

New addtions to the Rrampt Dictionary: words and terms we need, but don’t have.

Baby bumped – getting turned down by friends when you ask them out for a beer because they’ve recently had a baby, which obviously, and understandably, trumps you every time

Driving the Great One – setting your cruise control to 99 kms/hr in an 80 km speed limit so you can still drive a little fast but not arise attention from police cruisers who you’re expecting/hoping won’t pull you over as long as you’re going under 100.

First date foreplay – the week-long exchange of text messages you make with someone you met on Tinder in preparation for your first date where you’ll actually meet face to face and realize that you don’t really have any chemistry after all and the only relationship you have with them is the witty banter you made about the weather and current events over texting.



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