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Dead Winter reveal new single Prey

Written by Jesse Wilkinson

Dead Winter is a collaborative project based in Owen Sound making electronic indie rock with some hip hop vibes and chill lyrics. And and when I say collaborative, I mean that Okee is the nucleus, and around him orbits a group of talented artists spanning across Ontario who haven’t even met each other in some cases.  The most consistent members are Devon and Okee, and for this new single, Ghost Buffett (Hailey Stigge) joined in and wrote and recorded the vocals from Windsor. She sent them back to the OS duo of Okee/Travis and the result can be heard here:

Prey by Dead Winter.

Okee is native to the Owen Sound area and is a self describe “DIY artist” who has formed many collaborations throughout the years, while also delivering solid solo work.  With Devon Travis, he has also formed the band Splits; they can be seen playing open mics together under both band names.  Travis is also a prolific solo musician and founder of Lamebirds records.

Lamebirds Records

Photo: Dead Winter

Okee met Stigge in 2010 and performed edgy, acoustic punk together such as their “We Met on Mushrooms.”  Peter Jarecki only appears on one Dead Winter song and spends his time in Montreal working on his band Rock Despot‘s newest album. He was a part of Ghetto Pony in Guelph since 2007.

It all came together in 2014 for Dead Winter and this first single Prey is a taste of what to expect from an album we’re excited for here at Rrampt. Okee has been someone we’ve kept an eye on for awhile now. Both his talent and his collaborative nature make him an exciting local musician to follow. The album is being written recorded with a TBA release date, but when it officially drops, we’ll let you know here at Rrampt.

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