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Written by Jesse Wilkinson

undie-tuck: the act of tucking one’s shirt into their underwear instead of their pants so that when they bend over, they reveal two things: the brand of underwear, and the fact that they did make an attempt to be part of a civilized society on this given day, but couldn’t quite manage the necessary step in achieving this goal fully.

impression errands: the shopping trip a guy makes when the girl he started seeing comes over to his place for the first time and he’s just realized that a) he doesn’t have more than a Windex bottle for cleaning his entire place and b) he is actually lacking most items that would be expected of any human being occupying a living quarters (ie. toilet bowl brush, broom, hand towels, bath mat)

verbal-cue blindness:  the inability for one person in a two-way conversation to see the intention behind an obvious verbal-cue to end the conversation so the convo continues on far longer than one of the parties planned until the verbal cues become more and more obvious to the point of being accompanied by slow steps backwards.

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