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Five signs I’m getting older (and not as hip as I used to be)

Written by Jesse Wilkinson

You know that nagging feeling that you’re slowly, painfully getting a little older? You still feel mentally that you’re as young and hip as you’ve always been but some things are starting to creep into your routine that make you wonder if your hip-ness has taken a hit over the years. Well, here are five that I realize I’ve been doing lately:

  1. sprinkling flax seeds on everything. Everything. So that my digestive tract is happy and doesn’t cause me problems. Caring about my GI tract is not something my younger self really maintained on a daily basis.
  2. turning up the music in my car when I pass a group of teenagers to make sure they know I can still rock out (works when I’m listening to punk and rap; doesn’t work when I’m listening to Neko Case)
  3. turning down a round of shots at the bar Friday night because I don’t want to feel fuzzy Saturday morning so I can finish the crossword puzzle in good time before the market
  4. finding that I have frequent conversations comparing back pain with a fifty year old coworker, who continually recommends stretch classes at the Y where the average age is double mine
  5. realizing that my criteria for house hunting now includes a spot for a garden and a front porch to sit and watch the world go by…and a hot tub for my back pain

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