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Written by Jesse Wilkinson

The Rrampt Dictionary is getting a makeover!! We’ve decided to stop being so lazy and come up with the words to our definitions ourselves.  These are still words we need in the modern world and don’t have…..yet.

So here’s our first three offerings to the English language. Stay tuned as we go back through our Dictionary and offer words to all our definitions. The Rrampt Dictionary just got a little more rrampt!!


Gitch-block –  placing your dirty underwear over your jeans on the hook in your gym locker when you’ve forgotten your lock so that potential thieves might be dissuaded from moving your gitch in order to steal the expensive items in your pants pockets.

Hairist – someone who mocks others’ haircuts or asks if they use the same hairstylist as John Stamos because the accuser either has a very normal, traditional hair cut or has no hair at all.

Skin-izen – a citizen who refuses to walk around town wearing a shirt once it reaches 10 degrees Celsius.

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