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Had my Dinner Belle rung on Saturday night

Written by Jesse Wilkinson

I spent Saturday night in a cozy restaurant with a thousand salt and pepper shakers and these guys playing their alt-country-folk hearts out.   The restaurant was Rocky Raccoons in Owen Sound and the band was the Dinner Belles and I’m still Beam-ing from the whole night, which featured a fantastic opening act (see below) followed by an earthy collaborative jam in the spirit of great road bands.

They played this one about Ravenna, a small town near Collingwood; everything about this video makes me smile.

It took only a small handful of songs, before I made a visit to the merch table and snagged The River and the Willow on vinyl.  For those music loving Canadians out there who like cold winter nights spent by the fire listening to records, this one will be on rotation at my place this winter. Hopefully, it’s on yours.

For those in the Toronto area, they play the Horseshoe on December 16.


This one is gonna be stuck in my head all week, and I’m not mad about it at all.


Also, the opening act is worth more than a mention.  Beams was only able to give us a small sample of their bluegrass sound, but me like-y very much.  The lead singer’s got a gorgeous voice and well, she plays the banjo!  ’nuff said.


Thanks to Mudtown Records for yet another great show!


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