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Written by Jesse Wilkinson

Word needed for:  when you find yourself walking beside a stranger at the exact same pace for long enough that it becomes awkward so you either have to speed up or slow your pace to distance yourself a little, which is a better option than turning to them and saying something like ‘hey, might as well hold hands eh?’  [nudge them with your elbow]…eh?

Word needed for:  the ratio for the amount of candy you hand out vs how much you eat yourself while waiting for kids to show up at your door on Halloween.

Word needed for:  overhearing the person in front of you order a triple, triple coffee and then emphasizing that it was a ‘dark roast’ because it really matters what fucking roast it was when the cup’s half full with cream and sugar.

Word needed for: someone who is on social media sites and is somewhat active from the weekly post they make but cannot seem to respond to messages or even have a clue they’ve been invited to an event on fb or included in a group chat so when you bring something up in real life because you assume they already know, you have to basically recap everything in the chat or the event page.

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