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Pete’s Picks in January

Written by Pete

January, 21 2017

2017 is just kicking into gear so I though we better get caught up on a few more beauties from 2016.  All three of these albums will keep you rocking in the free world until we get our hands on some worthy 2017 tuneage.


The Dirty Nil – Higher Power

This album is currently stuck on repeat in my car, at the office and while I’m doing the dishes.  This Canadian three piece from Dundas, Ontario has been around since 2006.  They have previously released a slew of EPs and singles, but Higher Power is considered their debut LP.  I will let the band themselves describe the album to you.

“Finally the chance to assemble a dynamic and unified set of songs, this is us right here and now. A chance to stretch our legs and explore new pastures of distortion. Here we are, raggedly in the red. Higher Power than your band.”

Whatever you do, don’t label them punk!  Here is a good old rock song called “No Weaknesses”.


Arms Aloft – What a Time To Be Barely Alive

Arms Aloft bring some politically charged puck rock straight outta Wisconsin.  The lyrics on this album are fantastic.  Lead singer Seth Gile delivers some great stories with a certain something that reminds me of Craig Finn (The Hold Steady).   Choice cuts include:  too many to list!  This is one of my many favorites, it’s called “The Truth Is Out There”.



Davey Dynamite – Holy Shit

Davey Dynamite is a folk-punk artist from Chicago who has applied his trade primarily on the acoustic side of things prior to the release of Holy Shit.  Once plugged in and backed by his band, the political/emotional/personal songs from Dave Anians really take flight.  Essential tracks include:  4th of July, Fuckheads, Mowing At Grandma’s, as well as the following two…enjoy!

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