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Pete’s Picks in July

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July 1st, 2016


Black Pistol Fire – Don’t Wake the Riot

This is the 4th studio album from the Canadian duo.  They started out playing gigs in Toronto with little success, so they shot on down to Austin, Texas and exploded onto the scene.  If you like the sounds of The White Stripes, and The Black Keys, Black Pistol Fire is a band for you.  Unfortunately I can’t find any decent quality videos for the songs from “Don’t Wake the Riot” to share with you.  But here is an excellent song called “Hipster Shakes” from their 2014 album “Hush or Howl” which is also a banger!


The Interrupters – Say It Out Loud

This is the sophomore album for the Cali punk/ska band.  No doubt that producer Tim Armstrong (Rancid) has some heavy influence on their sound.  This is a fun upbeat album that everyone could get into, even if you’re not a punk/ska fan.  A great album for the summer time!  Here is the opener “By My Side”.


The Avett Brothers – True Sadness

Avett bros and co. return with their 9th studio album.  The North Carolina outfit have once again teamed up with acclaimed producer Rick Ruben.  This will be the fourth collaboration with Ruben, and the results speak for themselves on all of these albums.  “True Sadness” explores some different sounds than what we are accustomed to hearing from the Americana folkies.  But don’t worry, there is still plenty of banjo!  One of my favorites is “Satan Pulls the Strings”.  Have a listen.

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