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Pete’s Picks in March

Written by Pete

March 11, 2016

Face to Face – Protection

California punk legends Face to Face return with their 11th studio album Protection.  The sound on this album  will not disappoint long time fans, after the last couple of albums strayed from the usual formula.  Here is the opening track called “Bent But Not Broken”.



Wolfmother – Victorious

Hard rockin’ Aussie’s Wolfmother are back with another fantastic album.  I wasn’t all that impressed with 2014’s New Crown, but Victorious is another story.  Lots of great tracks on this one.  The album cover for Victorious was posted online in B&W and Wolfmother invited fans to do the coloring.  You will see some of the results in this audio video for “City Lights”.


Clutch – Psychic Warfare

This album came out in late 2015 but I’m just getting around to it now.  Clutch is always full on, and Pyschic Warfare is on par.  I first caught on to these guys after hearing their songs featured on the epic NWD freeride mountain bike film series.  I would definitely pick this next jam for my session if NWD asks!  Here is “X-Ray Visions”.


My son Finnian continues to inherit some of his dad’s taste in music (whether he likes it or not).  I was pretty proud last week, when he came in the kitchen holding my Led Zeppelin I LP and asked if we could dance to a record!  I will share with you his go to jam for driving to school in the morning. 

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