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Pete’s Picks in November

Written by Pete

November 2,  2016

KNLO – Long Jeu

Maybe I’m just not into the rap scene as much as I was in the 90’s but I feel like there just isn’t much out there worth listening to these days.  Enter the first solo rap album from Quebec musician KNLO (aka Kenlo Craqnuques).  I can’t even understand most of the things he raps about (mon francais n’est pas bon) but it still tops anything I’ve heard of late.  Honing his skillz in the instrumental scene for the past decade has set KNLO up for a perfect blend of lyrics, samples and beats.  This one will be on heavy rotation for all you rap fans out there.  Here is a lick from Long Jeu called “Justeçayinque”.


The Growlers – City Club

The Growlers are a California three piece that are guaranteed to get you movin’.  I would describe the sound on this album as a mix of Arctic Monkeys, Paolo Nutini and The Strokes.   The Stokes sound might have something to do with their pal Julian Casablancas, who just happens to be the producer on City Club.  The Growlers host an annual music festival called Beach Goth in California that draws some pretty awesome acts.  If you can’t make it to Cali, just have a listen to the opener from City Club right here on Rrampt!


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