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Summerfolk 42 was some ‘Good Noise’

Written by Jesse Wilkinson

So, another Summerfolk weekend has come and gone, and many out there are feeling the ‘Summerfolk hangover’ as John Fearnall put it today in our conversation. He’s the man behind Good Noise, an official photographer for Summerfolk and one who has allowed Rrampt to post his photos here for a kind of a visual essay of what went down this past weekend in Owen Sound.

As for me, I would say my highlights from this year’s fest would definitely have to include the performances Matt Epp who proved why he is the recipient of this year’s International Songwriting Competition with some new material that was just incredible and timely. “There’s more of us than there are of them/ Take a minute, let that sink in” he sang on a new tune that is political and sure to make waves when it’s released on an upcoming album.

Coco Love Alcorn also blew the crowd away with her voice, as always, and was a pleasure to watch host the Youth Discoveries acts. The Harpoonist and Axe-Murderer were a killer duo punching out some serious sound and turning me into a fan for sure.

Other stand outs were the young Taylor Holden who really moved me with her song ‘Jenny’ and Moscow Apartment who impressed me with the fact that are friggin fifteen years old. What talent at such a young age.

I love watching Danny Michel play and so he was a great choice to close out the festival. He’s such a great songwriter. Delhi 2 Dublin rocked the Beer Tent again this year to close out Saturday Night and the energy was electric. Don Ross playing the wine tent with Trevor Mackenzie and Pete Devlin was really cool, but it filled to capacity quickly and so I had to listen from behind the gate.

Ruthie Foster’s voice and soul-satisfying music was a treat on the Main Stage Saturday night.

I love festivals for introducing me to new music, and it happened this year – big time. When I witnessed Murder Murder do their thing, I knew I’d found a new favourite band. I instantly went and bought their newest CD, Wicked Lines and Veins, and it’s been grooving in my car all day.

So, those were my favourite performances, but I missed so many (you can’t see them all, I guess).

Here are my favourite photos from the weekend, thanks to Good Noise.

Down by the Bay Tent

Hey, I know that girl

Matt Epp killing it

A parade!

All smiles

Trad Attack leading a workshop

Al Simmons the eye-doctor?

Shakura S’aida singing to one lucky audience member

Jon Farmer hosting the sh– out of the main stage

Coco Love with either the Harpoonist or the Axe-Murderer

Murder Murder from Sudbury Ontario

James Keelaghan, the man who makes it happen

Danny Michel doing his thing on the main stage

Serena Ryder stompa-ing it

Fantastic duet – Ryder and Epp

The tradition of the closing ceremonies

The new closing ceremonies at Down by the Bay


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